Virtual Waiting Room

Keep patients engaged until ready for enrollment.

Recruit for conditions with a time sensitive component.

Frequently, patients are screened and do not meet all eligibility criteria but may soon qualify once their symptoms reoccur or they complete other requirements, like scheduling an appointment.

The Virtual Waiting Room captures status updates and identifies WHEN patients are qualified to participate.


Patients Opt-In from Sites or SubjectWell


Patients Receive Texts Gathering Symptom Updates


Patients Screened by SubjectWell to Confirm Qualification


Patients Referred to Sites When Ready for Enrollment

Keep monitoring screened patients AND limit work for sites.

  • Avoid sites doing resource intensive follow-up with not yet qualified patients.
  • Recoup your investment on patient recruitment and qualification.

10,000+ patients opt-in to VWR

28% of VWR patients qualify for referral to a site

6.6% of patients randomize from a VWR referral

73.5% of sites participate

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