No setup costs.
No hidden fees.

No surprises.

SubjectWell is the only company to offer truly risk-free pricing, meaning that if we don’t randomize a patient into your trial, you pay absolutely nothing. We aren’t like other recruitment companies which claim pay-for-performance pricing and then tack on surprise charges such as setup, referral, and consent fees. At SubjectWell, you pay literally only for what you want – randomized patients. Nothing more – guaranteed.

Know your cost-per-randomized-patient in advance.

Submit your request for a risk-free recruitment assessment, and we’ll complete a no-cost, two-week simulation of our actual recruitment efforts (e.g., speaking with real patients) in order to measure patient interest and qualification rates for your specific protocol. The real-world data compiled during this assessment will be used to estimate the number of monthly qualified referrals, screens, and randomizations you can expect along with the cost-per-randomized-patient.

Pricing informed by evidence.

The real-world data gathered as part of this assessment comes from a variety of unique sources including:

  • Individual phone conversations with a minimum of 100 patients currently registered in SubjectWell’s marketplace who reported having the target therapeutic condition
  • Feedback from those patients regarding their interest in participating in the particular study being assessed (determined based on the patient burden of the protocol, such as study length, number of visits, and patient activities)
  • Analysis of site-reported activity from past recruitment efforts of similar studies
  • Calculation of inclusion and exclusion criteria pass-rates using constantly updated percentages from a repository of responses to more than 10,000 individual prescreening questions

A proposal backed by data.

The entire recruitment assessment and resulting proposal are provided by SubjectWell free of charge. Just like 100% of what we do, it’s completely risk-free.

The results of your risk-free recruitment assessment will come as a formal proposal. We’ll share all of the data collected along with the assumptions used to calculate:

  1. The distribution of your target-patient population across participating countries
  2. The number of patients we expect to connect with and screen each month and their expected interest
  3. The simulated phone screening criteria, list of qualifying responses, and expected pass rate
  4. The rate of expected referrals per month
  5. The anticipated number of patients entering into screening per month
  6. The anticipated racial demographics
  7. The reported screen fail rate
  8. The number of potential randomizations per month
  9. The price-per-randomized-patient

We’re ready to invest in your success.

Provide your contact information and we’ll reach out to schedule the best time to gather the information needed to complete your risk-free recruitment assessment. We look forward to speaking with you!

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