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SubjectWell reaches an untapped patient population – people previously unaware of clinical trials. This gives you a head start on achieving your last patient in (LPI).

It’s about raising awareness.

The biggest challenge to enrolling patients in clinical trials is lack of awareness. Only around 4% of the population has participated in clinical research, and the average person doesn’t even know that enrollment opportunities exist. They’re unaware of the benefits and choices, and they simply don’t know how to get started.

The untapped majority you’re missing.

While traditional clinical trial recruitment uses study-specific messaging across a limited geographic area to target patients already very engaged with their condition, we build awareness with the other 96% of the population who have never participated in clinical research. Our technology continuously identifies interested patients when they’re not thinking about their condition – on tens of thousands of general interest websites – and engages them with an easy online introduction.

Interested patients respond to our ads and then complete a short online health profile. Our technology immediately goes to work identifying studies enrolling in their general vicinity that match any health conditions that they’ve reported. When appropriate studies are identified, we call the patient, confirm the information already provided online, and proceed to screen them for multiple studies at once using IRB-approved questionnaires.

When we find a clinical trial that the patient is both interested in and qualifies for, we’ll connect the patient and the research site directly. This way, sites continue the screening discussion and schedule the patient’s first visit. If a patient doesn’t match any current studies, we keep their information on file for future opportunities.

Once a patient is referred, we ask the site to provide a weekly update on the patient’s status. This feedback is presented to you in real time via our reporting portal. When a patient randomizes for your study, you’ll know. If they fail, you aren’t charged, given SubjectWell’s risk-free model. You pay only for patients who randomize.

A high-touch approach.

Even after a patient is referred to a site, our concierge team stays in touch with them, providing additional support and appointment reminders. Leveraging our relationship with patients has proven to deliver enrollment rates three to five times higher than other vendors.

Our unique patient enrollment process makes it easy for you to reach LPI.


Awareness and Education


Dynamic Patient Outreach


High-Touch Screening and Guided Enrollment


Real-Time Updates of Enrollment Funnel Metrics

See for yourself.

3,000+ patients recruited each day

Potential participants are entering our marketplace in high volumes each day. It’s only a matter of time until we reach LPI for your clinical trial.

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With your protocol information, we’ll use real-world data to compile a complete and accurate assessment of how many qualified patients we can reach.