Risk-free recruitment for your NSCLC trial.

SubjectWell is the only risk-free clinical trials marketplace for patient recruitment. Our proven marketplace has expanded to include non-small cell lung cancer trials.

SubjectWell – Ten years of smarter patient recruitment.

We use broad education campaigns to highlight the benefits and availability of NSCLC clinical trials. Then, we follow up over the phone with interested patients using a detailed prescreening questionnaire.

  • When we find a NSCLC clinical trial that the patient is both interested in and qualifies for, we get patient consent to review their records for the presence of desired biomarkers. Qualified patients, along with their medical records, are connected directly to the research site.
  • If after the SubjectWell or site screening the patient fails to fully qualify, SubjectWell will either connect the patient to another NSCLC study active within the marketplace or to an appropriate support organization.

This unique approach provides NSCLC patients with greater choice and the additional support they need. It also allows SubjectWell to refer patients that traditional, study-specific methods miss.

Pay only for NSCLC patients who randomize – period.

Our risk-free pricing model means that you pay only for NSCLC patients who randomize, with absolutely no additional fees, sign-up charges, or hidden costs.

Our patient-first approach.

Leveraging our patient relationships allows us to deliver higher enrollment rates than other vendors. Even after a patient is referred to a site, our concierge team stays in touch with them, providing the patient with:

Additional support

Appointment reminders

Screen pass check-ins

Start with a no-cost, custom recruiting assessment of your NSCLC trial protocol.

Using your protocol, SubjectWell compiles real-world data from a two-week simulation of actual patient recruitment efforts (e.g., speaking with real NSCLC patients) to create a unique and accurate assessment of patient interest and qualification rates. The real-world data compiled during this assessment predicts the:

Estimated racial demographics

Prescreen pass rates

Number of expected randomizations p/month

Price-per-randomized patient

Reach your LPI faster.

SubjectWell’s unique approach complements traditional recruitment methods. In addition to the NSCLC patients already in our marketplace, we speak with NSCLC patient’s daily and can refer qualified patients to your study in days – not weeks.

Try our risk-free assessment.

With your protocol information, we’ll use real-world data to compile a complete and accurate assessment of how many qualified patients we can reach.