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NewsNovember 8, 2021

These 9 Austin Tech Companies Are Hiring Right Now
NewsOctober 5, 2021

Rise of DCTs calls for elevated patient recruitment strategy
NewsSeptember 14, 2021

How decentralized clinical trials disrupt traditional patient recruitment
ResearchSeptember 10, 2021

Survey of asthma patients found subgroup with limited acceptance of diagnosis.

In the US today, approximately 20 million adults have asthma. With no cure for asthma, around 8% of Americans use medication to prevent asthma attacks and...
ResearchJuly 6, 2021

Higher frequency of HCP visits in the US correlates to greater likelihood of clinical trial participation.

In our most recent international survey of patients in Canada, South Africa and the US measuring the impact of healthcare usage, we found the country with...
ResearchJune 21, 2021

International survey shows country with lowest healthcare usage and trust correlates to highest likelihood of clinical trial participation.

Quality care in any healthcare system relies heavily on patients developing and maintaining trust in their healthcare professionals (HCPs). As we’ve witnessed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,...
NewsMay 24, 2021

Reify, SubjectWell partner to elevate trial recruitment
ResearchApril 14, 2021

The Rise of Decentralized Clinical Trials Is Disrupting Traditional Patient Recruitment

Buzz about decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and hybrid designs has been around for years; however, it took the in-person restrictions brought about by COVID-19 to accelerate...
ResearchApril 5, 2021

Surprisingly, patients are more willing to participate in a COVID-19 vaccine trial as coronavirus vaccines become more widely available.

Marking more than a year since the pandemic began, the world has witnessed how essential clinical research is to creating safe, life-changing treatments. And, more specifically,...
Press ReleaseMarch 31, 2021

Reify Health and SubjectWell Launch Partnership to Boost Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

AUSTIN, TX and BOSTON, MA, March 31, 2021 – Reify Health, provider of leading cloud-based solutions that empower the clinical trial ecosystem, and SubjectWell, the risk-free clinical...
ResearchJanuary 5, 2021

As liver disease cases rise in the US, data shows that patients both at-risk and with a diagnosis of liver disease are willing to participate in clinical research.

Known as the silent liver disease, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) affects between 30% and 40% of all adults in the US. Fatty liver disease (FLD)...
ResearchNovember 13, 2020

Concerns around clinical trial participation continue to differ by race.

Since the start of the pandemic, SubjectWell has kept a close eye on patient attitudes and feelings toward clinical trials. After all, right now is arguably...
Press ReleaseOctober 7, 2020

SubjectWell and Reify Health Surveyed Clinical Trial Sites, Examined Patient Concerns and Site Safety Protocols in the Face of COVID-19

AUSTIN, TX and BOSTON, MA, October 7, 2020 – SubjectWell, the risk-free clinical trials marketplace, and Reify Health, provider of leading cloud-based solutions that empower the clinical...
NewsAugust 27, 2020

SubjectWell eyes diversity in COVID-19 vaccine trials
Press ReleaseAugust 25, 2020

SubjectWell Recruits Patients for COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials, Works to Address Lack of Racial Diversity in Patient Recruitment To Date

Austin, TX, August 25, 2020 – SubjectWell, the largest risk-free clinical trials marketplace, announced today it is working with leading pharmaceutical companies to recruit patients for Phase...
ResearchJuly 21, 2020

Race and gender play a role in patient sentiment toward clinical research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At SubjectWell, we continue to conduct surveys with patients to understand how their attitudes and feelings toward clinical trials have been altered in the wake of...
NewsJune 16, 2020

Registry connects COVID-19 trials with motivated patients
ResearchMay 28, 2020

Patient attitudes toward clinical research continue to evolve during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At SubjectWell, we have been conducting an ongoing survey since the beginning of the pandemic to understand how patient attitudes toward clinical research participation have been...
Press ReleaseMay 13, 2020

SubjectWell Offers Researchers Registry of 10K+ Patients Willing to Participate in COVID-19 Research

Austin, TX, May 13, 2020 – As the pharmaceutical industry mobilizes at unprecedented speed to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, SubjectWell, the world’s largest marketplace for clinical...
ResearchApril 17, 2020

A growing number of patients are considering clinical trials as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

In our ongoing effort to both understand patients’ evolving attitudes toward clinical trial participation in the face of COVID-19 and support our industry’s continued commitment to...
NewsApril 14, 2020

Despite COVID-19, Patients Are Interested In New Trials

Clinical Leader
ResearchMarch 26, 2020

Data shows a majority of patients remain interested in clinical trials during the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted clinical trial operations with unprecedented speed and severity. In order to gauge how the industry and the public are responding, our...

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